Emmy Award-Winning Independent Editor

Bill Marmor started his career at Red Car in 1989. By the age of 23 years, he was editing Superbowl campaigns for Pepsi directed by Joe Pytka. In the next few years, he edited for W+K Nike and Subaru, Coca-Cola, Mastercard, and cut for directors like Joe Pytka, Tony Kaye, Richard  Donner, to name a few.

He moved on to be a charter member of Crew Cuts West and expanded his experience working with Chris Wall and Steve Hayden on IBM. During this tenure, Bill won Clio Awards, New York Festival awards, and London awards. Bill also continued his relationship with Mendelsohn Zien and handling the entire Carl’s Jr. account. This proving ground at Crew Cuts paved the way for Bill to open Rex Edit.

Marmor today is living bi-coastal between Los Angeles and New York.

Bill Marmor | Editor

Emmy Award-Winning Independent Editor


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